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JGL Repairs and Maintenance

JGL Roofing provides roof repair and maintenance to keep your home free from leaks.

Roof Maintenance Services

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Imagine that you’re sitting in your living room enjoying a movie with your family when suddenly, you feel a drop of water hit your head. You look up, and another drop hits you in the face. That’s when you realize that your roof is leaking.

The need for roof maintenance services can happen when you least expect it. It’s easy to assume that your roof is just a fixture of your home that will always stay standing. However, as your home and your roof get older, its various parts eventually start to wear down and lose their function. Additionally, if you live in an area with frequent wind or storms, the quality of your roof can be compromised by inclement weather.

What needs maintenance and repairs?

Any type of roof, whether metal, asphalt shingle, slate, or ceramic tile, can be subject to damage. Depending on the material, there are different ways that they can break down, resulting in the need for roof maintenance services. For example, shingle roofing is susceptible to specific kinds of damage, such as leaks and missing shingles thanks to high wind.

All steep-slope types of roofing (that is, just about any roofs that are not flat roofs) consist of the same components, whether they are made of shingles, metal, or tile. If any of these five components are damaged, you may need roof maintenance services:

  1. Roof Covering – The roof covering is the shingle, metal, or tile that protects your roof from weather conditions.
  2. Sheathing – This consists of boards or sheet material that is fastened to the roof to cover a building.
  3. Roof Structure – The structure is made up of rafters and trusses that are designed to protect the sheathing.
  4. Flashing – Flashing is installed in a roof’s joints and valleys to prevent any water seepage or leaks. It is usually made of sheet metal or a similar material.
  5. Drainage – These are a roof’s design features including the shape, slope, and layout that affect its ability to shed water.

These components can easily be damaged by extreme weather conditions, causing leaks in your home and lessening the functionality of your roof. At JGL, we offer repair services such as pipe collar repairs, chimney flashing repairs, asphalt shingle repairs, and skylight repairs, among others.

For roofs that are under 15 years of age, repairs are usually the best option. As long as you take care of the problem quickly, a contractor should be able to fix the leak and repair the part of the roof that is causing any damage.

Repairs are usually relatively affordable as long as action is taken as soon as they occur. If your roof needs maintenance and you don’t call a roof repair company as soon as possible, you might end up needing more costly repairs or a roof replacement.

Has it been a while since you roof has been inspected?
Use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on a frame or tape clear plastic film to the inside of your window frames to reduce drafts.

Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades on windows that feel drafty after weatherizing.

Close your curtains and shades at night to protect against cold drafts; open them during the day to let in warming sunlight.

Install exterior or interior storm windows, which can reduce heat loss through the windows by approximately 10%-20%, depending on the type of window already installed in the home.

They should have weatherstripping at all movable joints; be made of strong, durable materials; and have interlocking or overlapping joints.

Repair and weatherize your current storm windows, if necessary.
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